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Don’t Get Burned


We know there’s a lot that goes into planning a move. Between finding new work, enrolling your kids in new schools, buying a new home and selling your own, finding time to actually, you know, move, can be a frustrating hassle. At FirePro Moving in Fort Worth, we understand the stress of having to solve problems quickly. After all, we’re owned and operated by off-duty firefighters and emergency workers.

Our team is proud to have built up a reputation over our 20 years of business as Fort Worth’s Top Rated Local® moving company, and we look forward to extending our experienced help to you, so you don’t get burned by inferior, unreliable moving services from somewhere else. Whether you’re looking to move across town or across the country, or you just need help packing and loading, we’ll be happy to be there every step of the way. Call us today to start planning your move, and read on to get a better idea of all the benefits of choosing FirePro Moving as your moving company.



There are a number of pertinent factors to consider when planning your move. In addition to gathering supplies and planning the logistics of packing and loading, you’re also going to want to pick a moving company.

It can be tempting to schlupp everything to your new home independently, but it can be a hassle, and many large furniture pieces often don’t fit in traditional passenger cars. Moving companies are essential to simplifying the process so you can focus on the other aspects of your moving — the financial details of buying and selling homes, and the final goodbyes with neighbors and friends you may not see again for a while. They also help you and your family avoid the physical strain of moving couches, dressers, and beds by yourselves. While hiring a moving companies may be a little more expensive than doing it yourself, we’re in business for a reason — the time, stress and strain you save is worth the price tag.

But not all moving companies are the same. When choosing a moving company to handle and transport your most valuable possessions, there are a few things you should look for to ensure you’re making the best choice. For Fort Worth-area residents, more often than not, that choice has been FirePro Moving — just check our testimonials.

Stellar Reviews

Once you’ve gathered the names of a few moving companies, learn more about them via online reviews. People will most often leave reviews when they’ve had a notably good or bad experience, and both are important when considering who to trust your valuables with. Did we mention yet that FirePro Moving is the Top Rated Local® moving company in the Fort Worth area?

Transparent Prices

When you call a moving company to book service, they’ll give you a cost estimate based on the details of your specific job. It’s important to note that this estimate isn’t set in stone, and could change if you require additional packing materials or have particularly large and heavy furniture to move. Be sure to ask what will incur an extra fee in order to get a better idea of the price range of your move.

At FirePro Moving in Fort Worth, we strive to deliver the most accurate estimates possible, and our calculations are informed by over 20 years in the moving business. Call today for your free quote.

Strong Track Record

It’s a nice gesture to try to take a chance on a new moving company, but oftentimes, going with a reputable, experienced moving company is the best way to go. Based on reviews online, you should be able to get a better idea of a company’s timeliness, rates, and how well they protect and secure your most fragile items.

FirePro Moving in Fort Worth has been in business for over 20 years and is the Top Rated Local® moving company in the area. As a firefighter-owned and operated company, we have firsthand experience in keeping people’s most treasured possessions out of harm’s way.

The Ability to Accommodate Your Unique Needs

Every move is different, so when you’re hiring a moving company, you’ll want to make sure they can handle all the specifics of your job and any special requests you may have.

Some things to consider asking include:

  • whether the moving company has the right-sized trucks that will fit all of your possessions and fit on your property
  • whether the moving company is available at the time you need
  • whether the company can provide additional packing supplies if needed

At FirePro Moving, we’re proud to offer a wide range of services to accommodate moves of all types and sizes. Whether you need a specific size of moving truck or are just trying to save money on packing materials, we can help you out.



License And Insurance

Never work with a moving company that isn’t fully licensed and insured. Any group of people can buy a truck and call themselves a moving company, but only moving companies with a license and insurance are validated and qualified to move your belongings. There are multiple government and industry groups that vet and certify moving companies, so don’t settle for one that hasn’t had their services verified by regulators. FirePro Moving is fully licensed and insured, and as a firefighter-owned and operated moving company, our staff is among the most trained and certified of any moving company in the country.

Honesty And Trust

Fraud among moving companies is rare, but it’s not unheard of. When choosing a moving company, always check that the company has a physical address, service records, licenses and insurance records. You should also be wary of any moving company that asks for a deposit up front.

If you Google FirePro Moving or browse our website, you’ll find many testimonials from scores of satisfied customers, deep, detailed service options and a #1 Top Rated Local® ranking that we’ve earned through two decades of reliable, trustworthy service.



Hiring a professional moving company is pricier than doing it yourself, to be sure, but there are steps you can take to maximize the value of your moving service. With a little planning, you can clip costs and ensure the safety of your belongings while still enjoying the peace of mind and extra security that comes with a professional moving company like FirePro Moving.

Plan Your Move In Advance

No one likes to miss out on an open time slot. The sooner you begin talking to moving companies about your schedule and their availability, the more likely you’ll be to have more moving companies available on the days and times you need. You’ll also be sure to get any questions you have answered and still have time left for any follow-up questions you might have after the initial conversation. Plus, you’ll gain additional peace of mind from having your moving plans solidified ahead of time.

At FirePro Moving in Fort Worth, we pride ourselves on customer service and loading and moving your things as expediently and safely as possible. Give us a call today to get your moving plan started, and check out our move day tips for other things to consider when planning your big day.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Belongings

Although the cost of packing material is expensive, the protection it offers your most valuable furniture and items is worth the investment in the long run. When moving, ensure the safety of your belongings by thoroughly wrapping and protecting them from scratches, drop damage and other hazards. At FirePro Moving in Fort Worth, we can save you money by offering you packing materials straight from our own stock! We get our materials at a wholesale rate like most businesses do and can provide them back to you at a supply-rate price, making it cheaper to get your materials from us than from most office supply stores, which have to turn a profit on the materials they sell.



Consider Downsizing

The cost of moving, even if you’re not using a professional moving company life FirePro Moving, increases with the quantity, size and weight of the items you need to get from your old home to your new home. More items, larger and heavier items require higher fuel costs and more labor regardless of who is the one doing the moving. Cutting down on the number of possessions you own lowers the time it will take to move, along with all associated costs. Cutting down on clutter is one of the best ways you can maximize the value of a moving company’s service.

If you’re interested in more ideas of how to cut costs on your move, check out our blog for more moving-related tips and tricks!

Protect Fragile Items


When it comes to protecting your most delicate, treasured items, just having the right packing materials isn’t enough — you have to know how to use them, too. You wouldn’t put fine china in the same box as heavy books, would you? So it can’t be assumed that one packing solution is going to fit all of your most fragile items.

If you’re struggling with packing and the logistics of moving, call FirePro Moving in Fort Worth. We can help you sort through the specifics of your move — we can even pack up everything for you! No matter what your home and family need for your move, we can make it happen. Trust us, as a firefighter-owned and operated moving company, we’ve saved families from worse problems.


There are many different types of electronics and many different ways to safely pack them, but there are some general principles you can follow to keep your electronic items safe. If you have questions about a specific item, just give us a call!

  • Check the user manuals for your devices, or look online if you don’t have a physical copy. Most product manuals will have specific packing instructions to ensure the safety of your device.
  • Use plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap to secure each item. If your computer monitor’s stand is detachable from the rest of the screen, detach it to protect the stand from snapping in an accident.
  • Remove batteries from portable electronics, remote controls and other similar devices. If batteries are sufficiently damaged, they can overheat or leak toxic chemicals, causing significant damage to your device.
  • After you’ve moved in, consider blowing out your computer and keyboard with computer duster to remove any dust that may have settled on or in them during the move. Dust can be harmful to your computer’s cooling system.

Dishes And Cutlery

Whether it’s the finest china and silver or an everyday dinner plate, dishware is among the most easily damaged or broken type of item during moving. Even plastic cups and plates can be damaged if they aren’t properly secured during moving.

To best protect your dishes, place them in a box lined with crumpled packing paper, while also being sure to wrap each plate and the whole stack of plates with packing paper. This will most tightly secure them and keep them from moving and chafing each other during transport.


Glass is also incredibly easy to crack and break during moving. For glassware, you’ll want to use towels, sheets or blankets and wrap several layers around each piece of glassware, with a more solid material like cardboard wrapped in between for added stability. If you’re placing the glassware in a box, be sure to fill any spaces in the box with crumpled packing paper. Be sure to use the smallest box possible when transporting glass, and mark it fragile for extra caution.

If you’ve got questions regarding your packing and moving, don’t hesitate to call FirePro Moving in Fort Worth. We can help your family with your move no matter the distance, at any step along the way, whether it’s moving, loading and unloading large items, or simply helping you pack and protect your things. We’ve been in business for 20 years and are celebrated as the Top Rated Local® moving company in Fort Worth. Our team is owned and operated by off-duty firefighters and emergency workers, so we know how to protect the things people care most about in a timely and safe manner. Call us today!

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