Any customer/client whom contracts moving services with FirePro Moving, reserves the right to cancel our services at any time up to the morning of the agreed upon move date without incurring cancelation fees. If FirePro Moving arrives at the agreed upon location and time for move, without any prior knowledge of cancellation, a fee of two hours at the agreed upon rate may be assessed. It is the responsibility of the customer/client to keep FirePro Moving advised in advance of any changes to be made.

According to state law, a HOUSEHOLD GOODS CARRIER’s LIABILITY FOR THE LOSS OR DAMAGE TO ANY SHIPMENT IS $0.60 CENTS PER POUND PER ARTICLE, UNLESS THE CARRIER AND CUSTOMER/SHIPPER AGREE IN WRITING TO A GREATER VALUATION TOTAL. For example, if a 50-pound television is damaged as a result of a move, the mover is only required to reimburse you $30 (50lbs. X 0.60 = $30). However, FirePro Moving may assume a higher level of liability if agreed upon by all involved parties. Additional fee’s may be assessed for higher levels of liability. Keep in mind that a mover’s limits are not the same as insurance. You, as the customer/shipper, can obtain additional insurance to protect your items.