As Fort Worth’s go-to movers, we strive to be a full-service moving company and offer several unique moving services. Because moving items isn’t just restricted to transporting them from one home to the next, we proudly offer several in-home furniture-moving services. With more than 20 years of experience helping people move, we have often assisted those who simply needed furniture moved within their home or a backyard playset safely assembled.  Below are some of the common moving services we perform.

In-home Furniture Moving

Some larger items in your home could be extremely difficult to move without the help of experienced professionals, resulting in damage to your furniture and walls, or injury to yourself or others if you don’t take caution. Allow us to move your furniture wherever you would like inside your home. Our movers arrive promptly and finish the task while ensuring your furniture doesn’t sustain any damage.

Furniture Staging

If your home is going on the market and you need help staging your furniture for open houses and showings, our team will gladly move your furniture to an ideal location that accentuates the beauty and space of the room without damaging the furniture, the walls or the floor. You want your house to be in the best shape possible while you’re trying to sell, and we take every measure to ensure it and your furniture look beautiful.

Playhouse and Swingset Assembly

Your primary focus with your children is their safety, and a poorly assembled playset can endanger your children. FirePro movers provide expert assembly and we ensure your new playset is assembled and sturdy, making each piece of hardware flush with the structure, decreasing the possibility of injury.

Call FirePro today to learn more about our additional services. From commercial moving to residential moving to in-home furniture moving, we are always happy to help our customers!