For most people, moving is quite stressful. For most dogs, moving is beyond stressful. All the unexpected activity in their home can create discomfort and anxiety. If you have ever moved with pets, you already know this. But perhaps what you don’t know is how to make the big move easier. If this is the case, then you’re in luck. In today’s blog, we here at FirePro Moving would like to share with you some tips and strategies to comfort your dog while you move into your new home.

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Get Vet Records

Depending on the health and health history of your dog, you may want to contact your local vet if you are planning a long distance move. This will ensure that once you arrive in your new place, you have all the information your new vet will need. This can also help when you get to your new neighborhood and need to update your pet’s tags and information.

Take Your Dog in Your Vehicle

Whether you are moving neighborhoods or long-distance moving, it’s best to transport your dog in a vehicle that it is familiar with. Lay a comfortable blanket down and treat it as you would a normal ride with your dog. Doing this will help keep the anxiety at bay.

Set Aside a Comfortable Place

While your movers are moving all of your things out of your home, you don’t want your dog running around. Not only could this cause alarm in your dog, but it is also potentially unsafe since your dog could get in the way and possibly injure the movers or your dog. Your local movers will really appreciate this.

Set Up Before the Introduction

Before you introduce your dog to his or her new home, try to get as much as you can set up. Confine them to a small section of the home, allowing them to slowly adjust to their new abode. Not only can the noise of the moving make them nervous, the unfamiliarity of it all can also make them anxious. Surround them with as much familiar attention and toys and blankets as possible.

Help Your Dog Adjust

The stress does not just disappear once you are moved into your new home. All of the new sights and sounds will be very unfamiliar and anxiety-inducing. It will likely take your dog some time to adjust. To help with this process, try not to leave your pup alone and when you do make sure that your place and backyard is secure—your dog could escape in search of its old home.

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