Moves are difficult. It’s the reason we, and other moving companies, exist. Moving all of your possessions is exhausting, backbreaking, and potentially wasteful. If you don’t take the time to plan and organize beforehand, chances are your move will be rife with inefficiencies and you’ll end up throwing out a lot of good stuff.

As a moving company that strives to make people’s moves as stress-free and efficient as possible, we would like to share with you some tips to help reduce waste when moving. If you are in the Fort Worth area and would like the help of professional movers, contact us today. View our full list of moving services here.

Start Saving Boxes

Okay, so before we suggest reusing boxes, we must first say that not all boxes are worthy of being reused or durable enough to be worthy of a move. Nothing is worse than having the bottom of a box give out, scattering hundreds of cosmetics across the pavement. This being said, some boxes can definitely be reused, especially once reinforced with tape. Prior to your move, start saving choice boxes. Doing this can help reduce the waste of having to buy new boxes. 

Use What You Have

Do you have a whole closet of suitcases and luggage? Don’t just throw them into the moving truck empty. Fill them up. Transporting your things is what they were designed to do, and they are typically sturdy and often have wheels so, as movers, we love them.

Don’t Automatically Throw It Away

We know moves are stressful and you want them to be over as quick as possible. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should just pitch everything that you don’t want to take to your new home. Instead, consider donating unwanted items to a Salvation Army, Goodwill, or some other organization. Alternatively, you could also have a yard sale to find new homes for all your unwanted appliances, electronics, books, clothes, toys, and whatever else you are ready to part with.

Don’t Waste Food

No one wants to waste food, but it happens, especially during those hectic days leading up to a move. In the weeks prior to your move, look in your cupboards, fridge, and freezer and begin looking for ways to incorporate your ingredients into meals. Make a list of your perishables and look for recipes with these ingredients. And before you throw out food, donate it if you can. Look up your local food bank and see if they have an interest in accepting your donations.

Don’t Waste Your Back

Moves are hard on the body, especially for those who aren’t professional movers. If you need moving help, don’t stubbornly refuse it. Whether you are looking for a full-service moving company or just loading and unloading services, the pros at FirePro Moving are ready to help. We can handle both residential and commercial moves and packing and moving large items like safes, pianos, hot tubs, equipment, playhouses, and much more.

Next time you move, keep these tips in mind. Learn more about our residential moving services and commercial moving services. And contact us today to get your free moving estimate!