Moving day has finally arrived! FirePro moving arrives at your location. Each crew member will come and introduce themselves. The crew will perform a brief walk through with the customer. They will ask questions about your move and inquire about any special directions you may have. Upon completion of the walk through, the crew will get the truck set up and properly positioned. The crew lead will present you with the contract which outlines the rates, terms and conditions, rights and responsibilities, start time, and drive time. Upon signing the contract, the crew lead will present you with a copy.

During the move, all your delicate items such as leather sofas and wood furniture, will be wrapped in plastic for additional protection. Once transported to the inside of our truck, all items will be protected with heavy moving blankets and securely strapped into place using nylon straps. We will take care of any necessary disassembly and reassembly as required.

Upon completion of your move, the crew lead will once again present you with the contract to be signed and complete the payment process. We accept all major credit cards and cash. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS. After the payment is collected, the crew lead will once again provide a copy of the contract with all signatures and total cost of move for your records.

Appliance, Water and Electrical Connections

It is “HIGHLY” recommended that all water line connections be replaced at the time of your move. Water damage is an unfortunate, but avoidable happenstance. Most appliance water connections have been connected for several years prior to you move date. While leaks may have never been present, the act of removing a long time sealed water connection can be disastrous. For washing machines, each hose connection contains a small rubber seal that over time becomes misshapen, cracked, and dry rotted. It is FirePro moving policy, that no water line connections be made using old hoses, seals, or tubing. In the event the water line is connected (per request of homeowner), a visual inspection for leaks occurs. The homeowner will then be made aware of the status of the connection and informed to keep an eye open for leaks. Due to the excessive damage that can be caused from a water leak, the homeowner takes full responsibility for ensuring proper water connections have been made and FirePro Moving is released from any and all liability in this matter.

When it comes to making electrical connections, FirePro Moving accepts no liability for faulty wiring. In some instances, the electrical cable for clothes dryers will need to be replaced. This is due to new style wall outlets in newer homes. Most all older dryers will have a three-prong dryer cord and the new home connection will require a four prong dryer cord. These cords, along with water lines can be purchased from your local home improvement center.

In the event of inclement, the task of providing protection against the elements becomes very difficult. As always, FirePro Moving will do its best to protect your items and floors from such elements. Neither rain, sleet, or snow will keep FirePro from arrival dates and times. We only ask the in these special circumstances the customer also takes additional steps to protect their home and items.

Tips Before Your Move

First and foremost, it is a good idea to schedule your move as early as possible. Our calendar fills up quick with scheduled moves, so the sooner you make that call the better. Our work days are Monday through Saturday, and sometimes on Sunday’s. We always try our best to remain as flexible as possible and accommodate any special requests regarding scheduling.

Secondly, and this is a big one. Don’t be fooled by moving company ads. A vast majority of moving companies draw clients in by using “TEASER RATES”! These rates are purposely misleading. Often times you will be surprised when it comes time to pay your bill and find those hidden fees that drive the overall cost up.

Third, If you have a home or office that requires elevator use to move your belongings, plan on extended move times. It is easy make the assumption that a one bedroom third floor apartment or the like should take little time to move. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The use of elevators drastically increases move times due to several factors. Mainly, the act of loading and off-loading elevators, the slow transition between floor times, and the inability to dedicate the elevator for your move. Plan ahead and make sure to discuss the matter at the time of scheduling.

Finally, the better prepared for your movers you are, the more smooth and quick your move will be. By handling any disassembly required, staging boxes in as few locations as possible, keeping clear paths, and properly packing your items, you can definitely decrease your overall moving expense.